Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Teds Woodworking Review

Is Teds Woodworking a solid program with reliable woodworking plans or is it just one of the many scams you can find in the online market today? If you’ve already encountered this program, I bet you’re looking for the right solution to help you get through with your woodworking project. But is it really worth your hard-earned money?

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First of all, I don’t have the talent for woodworking. My husband, however, has an innate talent for it and I only discovered this last year when our neighbor asked him to help out with building their kids’ treehouse. You won’t even think it was his first time because he works like a pro! I just stood there and watched in amazement.

After that building project, my husband began to develop an interest in woodworking. He scanned through the Internet, trying to look for easy-to-do woodworking plans but he doesn’t know where to begin. I wanted to help him out with this because I think it’s quite an interesting hobby, so off I went to our neighbour’s house to ask for some inquiry.

It was the time when I first heard about Teds Woodworking. Henry, our neighbour, has purchased a copy of this guide several months ago and is trying out some of the available woodworking plans. It was supposed to be some online product that offers a lot of easy-to-follow woodworking plans. But what really caught my interest was what Henry said next:

“Whether you’re new or skilled, Teds Woodworking really has something to offer for everyone”

So does that mean even I can do the work? I think it would be fun to share the same hobby with my husband so by the time I got back home, I told my husband all about it and we immediately decided to buy Teds Woodworking. Was this product really useful? Let’s find out…

So What Is “Teds Woodworking”?

Teds Woodworking is an e-book that offers a step-by-step guide on the how-to’s of woodworking. It was created by Ted McGrath who has years of experiences in carrying out various woodworking projects.

Teds Woodworking lays out a comprehensive list of more than 16,000 woodworking plans that show in full detail everything you need to start a specific woodwork that you wish to build. With its beginner, intermediate, and advance level sections, Teds Woodworking is the perfect guide for beginners who wish to learn the art of woodworking and for those who look forward to refining their skills and craftsmanship.

What’s great about this e-book is the fact that it stays with you every step of the way. Ted is able to provide us with everything we need all in one package, saving us precious time and effort. Beginners like me are taught with the basics in woodworking; from skill background, all the way to common procedures and guidelines. For intermediate and advance level woodworkers, Ted has also provided additional tips and revealed some secrets in crafting their own wooden masterpieces.

Teds Woodworking is well-organized and systematic. Although it’s jam-packed with thousands of woodworking plans of various shapes and sizes, choosing a suitable project is still very easy to find in their database. As my husband and I went over with the e-book, we noticed that all the materials and tools needed for each project are always found at the beginning of every woodworking project. We found plenty of diagrams along with the specific measurements to help you complete your new project. Using a reader-friendly language, this manual provides easy-to-follow instructions that even a beginner like me can understand.

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Along with its main e-book, Teds Woodworking also comes with several useful bonuses to make your woodworking experience faster and easier.

Teds Woodworking comes with 150 premium woodworking video tutorials that are perfect for those who prefer not to read and just follow any project through actual demonstrations. These video tutorials also provide more insight into how each woodworking plan should be constructed from beginning to end.

Another exciting feature is that Ted has provided an online community for his members at no cost at all. The online community gave us the opportunity to meet other people who share the same interest in woodworking.

Woodworking can also be a lucrative hobby. If you’re thinking of setting up your own woodworking business, Ted has also included a free “How to Start a Woodworking Business” manual to help you succeed with your goal. Right now, my husband and I think of woodworking simply as a fun hobby so I personally think this is the feature that gets the least amount of use. However, I’ve also read it from cover to cover and I find it very informative. For those who also want make money with their woodworking skills, you’ll find this one valuable.

Teds Woodworking also comes with extra autocad software that allows you to build and design your own personal woodworking plans. You can also edit and tinker with any available woodworking project in the package with the help of this software.

Can You Really Do It At Home?

With the help of Teds Woodworking, I’ve come to think of creating home projects as a really fun hobby. My husband and I plan together family projects, and I’ve also come up with my own. I came to realize that there really are a lot of cool ways to make your woodworking plans come to life. What’s more, you can build a lot of useful stuff to add to your home or to give as gift.

Although you can do these projects at the comfort of your own home, a lot of work may be required if you wish to complete some of the bigger projects, so you have to be fully-prepared for that. If you’re not, then you can easily plunge into a world of hurt and disappointment. There may be a lot of tools you need just for one project but once you have it all, it could be a lot of fun!

Final Verdict

Teds Woodworking is one of the largest and greatest series of woodworking plans available in the online market today. It’s backed up by more than three decades of experience, with over 50,000 satisfied customers proving its claims. It’s fairly inexpensive and you’re sure to get more that what you’ve paid for with its useful freebies.

So far, my husband and I have successfully built five woodworking projects, including a cute crib for our new family member. And it won’t be possible without the help of Teds Woodworking!

So if this is the type of hobby you’ve been looking for, you should really get a copy of Teds Woodworking now!

Teds Woodworking


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